Rob Orr Productions put together this great documentary on the importance and purposes behind Dental Access Days. Please watch it.

Good dental health can be taken for granted by those who have access to care.

The cost of dental care and stagnate wages push a visit to the dentist out of reach for more and more people every year.

At the same time, local public clinics have nearly all been closed.

This means a simple cavity, left untreated, can fester and become a substantial infection. Hospital emergency rooms, not equipped to deal with dental problems, may log big expenses to manage acute dental care cases, yet the patient is released without the underlying cause of the infection being treated.






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public-health-possible2“If your oral health is compromised, it can compromise your diabetes, or make you a higher risk for diabetes.”
Evonda Thomas-Smith, Public Health Director,
Evanston Health Dept.

Our clinic can literally be the only hope for many people in our community. Join our effort: volunteer or donate.