giving-hand-logo-smThe Giving Hand Foundation, a small, church supported, 401C organization from Yadkinville, NC, made our effort possible. Dr. Keith Phillips, DDS provided the professional leadership and with his team created the strategy that would turn local facilities into fully functional temporary dental clinics. Since 2001, the Foundations clinics have helped people locally, nationally, and internationally.

In 2007, and for several years after, the Pankey Institute, a postgraduate dental college in Miami FL, provided funding for these efforts. The first clinic in the Chicago area was in 2008, organized by Dr. George Warga and staged at Northfield Community Church. It was one of 10 clinics staged that year, paid for by Pankey.

Since then, funding from the Institute has been cut, but the work goes on: Dr. Phillips and his crew maintained their mission to bring quality dental care to those without access.

Dental Access Days, now an Illinois non-profit corporation, was formed to raise funds and organize the clinics that now take place in Illinois. Bill McKinley and his daughter Heather McKinley direct the operations. In 2016, the Giving Hand Foundation turned over the equipment and supplies for an entire 8 chair clinic to the care of Dental Access Days. This gift allows the Chicago area clinic to operate at lower cost and increase the number of patients reached.


Dental Access Days, Inc. is a registered non-profit corporation of the State of Illinois and designated as a 501C3 organization by the Federal Government.

Please consider donating money (847-290-0002)  or  time—and help bring relief to those suffering from lack of dental care.

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